Saturday, September 15, 2012

Overall, Male and Female 2012 Olympian Age Statistics and Histograms

The Olympics is a young man and woman's game, some sports especially. Here's a histogram of the age distribution of the Olympians in the London 2012 games for all the athletes whose profile on the official website provided date of birth data. The ages shown are those for the 27th of July of 2012, the start of the games.

The mean or average age of an Olympian in 2012 was 26.5 years versus 25.8 years for the median. There's a significant long tail corresponding to older ages with a small proportion of Olympians over 40 years old.

We can break up the ages into male and female histograms. Here's the male only histogram:

The mean age was 27.0 years versus 26.2 years for the median.

Here's the female only histogram.

The mean age for females was 25.9 years which is smaller than for males. The median age for females, 25.4 was also smaller than for males.

First Post

The 2012 Olympic Games in London are over, however they've left behind a rich set of statistics to ponder. For work I gathered some data about the Olympians for a project and thought maybe they would be of some interest to others. I intend to make a series of posts with various statistics on this year's Olympians. Check back every once in a while, but not too often. I'll make a blog post whenever I'm feeling motivated.